2021 : a record year f or AFL Group

Following the meetings of the Supervisory Board of Agence France Locale and the Board of Directors of Agence France Locale – Société Territoriale, held on March 28, 2022, AFL Group published its annual report for 2021. AFL Group is reporting consolidated net income after cost of risk of €1.73 million and a high solvency ratio (CET1) of 15.73% for 2021.

The results for the year ended December 31, 2021 confirm the acceleration of AFL Group’s growth thanks to:

– an exceptional rate of new local authority memberships and a substantial increase in loan production

– the institutionalization of AFL Group, an important player in the French local authority landscape

– balance sheet strength characterized by a high level of capitalization and abundant liquidity, in an uncertain environment.

Find out more in our press release and in AFL annual report.