Annual results 2023: Record business generates solid results and confirms the attractiveness of the AFL model

At 31 December 2023, the AFL Group reported a sharp improvement in results:

  • The best one-year gross operating income recorded by the AFL Group since its creation (+81% v. 2022);
  • Consolidated net income more than doubled relative to 2022;
  • Net interest margin up 55% relative to 2022;
  • A sharp rise in new loans to €1.907 billion;
  • A record number of new members, bringing the total number of local authority members to 776.

Consolidated results in key figures at 31/12/2023

Member local authorities
293.6 M€
Pledged capital
1.9 bn€
Loan production
2.1 bn€
Funds raised in the market
24 267 K€
Interest margin
7.620 M€
Gross operating income
5.739 M€
Net income after tax
Solvency ratio
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