• What is the rational for the one notch rating difference versus the Central Government?

    At the beginning, the rating difference incorporated the startup risk and nowadays a growing but still limited market position.

  • What is the average duration of the loan portfolio?

    The average maturity of loans is 18 years, and because most of AFL’s loans are linear amortizing, the average duration is approximately 9 years.

  • Why does AFL issue bonds in other currencies than euro?

    In order to diversify its investor base and to optimize its funding cost. AFL does not have any loan denominated in any other currency than EUR.

  • Are your ESG issuances per project or for a pool

    ESG issuances are for a pool of loans. These loans are selected as per our methodology which is detailed in our Sustainability Bond Framework.

  • Why are you 20% risk weighted?

    Because AFL is a bank and given that local authorities in France, which are AFL’s debt guarantors, are 20% risk weighted.

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